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Fashion Tip: What to Wear for the Olympics

Today is the official start of the 2012 Olympics in London and if you are like me, stuck in the USA cheering our teams on in the comfort of your local bar, pub or even at home, that doesn’t mean you can not look stylish doing so.

(Photo courtesy of LA Times)

With the uniforms designed by the All-American Prep designer himself, Ralph Lauren in staples of blazers, berets, button-down shirts, and casual slacks in the great RED, WHITE and BLUE, there will be a variety of ways to style yourself to represent the USA in American style.

For the Glam Princess:

Dress up a patriotic dress with golden tone neutrals to bring life to the simple Red, White, and Blue colors. Keep the look simple with stunning shoes and a flashy clutch to match.

Summer Olympics:Glam Princess

For the Sporty Prep:

Pull out your old uniforms from your school days to create a similar look as this one. Grab a solid polo shirt, your favorite khakis and blazer/vest, then wear some comfortable boater shoes to recreate this simple Prep look. Accessorize to showcase your personality.

Summer Olympics: Sporty Prep

For the Inner Rock Goddess:

Show how much you Rock for the USA by pairing a rock studded vest with the shortest shorts you can find, throw on a HOT one piece swimsuit as a shirt and some hard core boots and you have a ROCK STAR look.

Summer Olympics: Rock Goddess

For the Boho Chic Love Bug:

Wear anything that’s free flowing so that the wind can be your runway. Pick a simple maxi dress and keep your accessories and shoes simply comfortable and stylish to look like you put no effort in your outfit.

Summer Olympics: Boho Chic

Be sure to tune into your local t.v. station to cheer on our U.S.A. Olympic Teams.

Which style did you like the MOST? Which style is similar to your own personal style?