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Hair Date: Wash Day/Hair Rules Product Review

I’ve been Natural for a little over 2 years, and I must say I’m a Closet Product Junkie. I wouldn’t dare show all the product I have purchased over the years, so I decided to post my thoughts on all of the products I try on my hair. I’ll have a special giveaway for every product that doesn’t work for me. Somebody’s gonna gain something out of my post!

So on this Hair Date, I decided to try out  a product I’ve been watching from afar, the lovely Hair Rules. Based in New York, Hair Rules is a hair care and styling solutions product line that embraces all hair textures. Once I got the word that it was finally physically available at Target and Ulta here in Houston, I jumped on the opportunity to try out the brand.

Being Wash Day for my hair, I simply replaced my regular products I use with Hair Rules products:

Products Used:

* Hair Rules Curly Hair Travel Kit (Purchased to test product out)

  - Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo

  - Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner

  - Hair Rules Curly Whip

* Olive Oil

* Water

My Wash Day Routine Consists of:


  - I saturate my dry hair with Olive Oil, then place my hair under a plastic cap for 15 -20 mintues

  - Then spritzing my hair with warm water, I separate it into 4 sections with hair clamps

Shampoo: (2X a month)

  - I saturate my clamped down hair with warm water, then apply the shampoo to each section (ONLY ROOTS) to reclamp my hair after rinsing

Condition: (4X a month)

  - Each section is conditioned and detangled by hand

  - After each section is conditioned, I make about 9-10 twists in my head to rinse and allow my hair to dry in twists

  -While my hair was damp, I applied a dime-size of the Hair Rules Curly Whip to my twists

Styling occurs only if needed.

Hair Rules Review:

I’M IN LOVE!!!! So happy I tried this product line! Not only did both the Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo and Ultra Rich Conditioner keep my hair moisturized, it also made it more managable. What I loved about this product line is the textures were thick, there was little to no scent, easy to apply, and not a lot of product was needed in my hair.

My only CON about the Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo is NO SUDS……I know it’s still weird to me using shampoos with no suds. Other than that, I recommend this product to everyone as a MUST HAVE!

Have you tried Hair Rules products on your hair?

What do you think about Hair Rules hair products?